Mahnaz Nikookar our quilting sister and member from Tehran, Iran conducted a fabric collage workshop on Saturday, May 18, 2013.  She brought some special laces and trims for the participants to use.  These are pictures of her with the participants. 

Mahnaz coaching Kay

Mahnaz coaching Kay

Mahnaz and Sandy consulting

Mahnaz, Darleen, and grandson Andrew Troyer. 
Darleen made hers for her daughter's (Shirley) birthday, with the help of her grandson, and sent it back to North Carolina with him on Tuesday. She loved it! It had bits of lace and fabric from her wedding dress. 
Mary came and worked on baby booties, but got fascinated and helped Murine with hers.

Finished sans the quilting...

 Kay Osteen, Darleen Nelson, Marian Eason, Mahnaz Nikookar, Sandy Davey, Murine Gray 

"It was great fun. Mahnaz is an excellent teacher.  She let us do our own thing with gentle persuasion to look outside of the box! 
I hope everyone else will have theirs for show and tell at the June meeting.
I'm quilting mine now."  - Marian 



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