2013 Museum Challenge Quilt Show

2013 Museum Quilt Challenge

"Name That Tune"



 The votes are pouring in for the best quilt.  See if you can match the quilts and the song titles.
Shawna's originality and depth is always enjoyable.


 Laura has been busy!

Lou held up her end, as usual. 






The Song Titles

"Moonlight on the River Colorado"

"Wimba Way - The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

" You and Me against the world"

"Peace Train"

"Red Sails in the Sunset"

"Night and Day"

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

"Starry Starry Night"

"America the Beautiful"

"White Christmas"

"Silver Threads and Golden Needles"

"Old McDonald Had a Farm"

"Bird Dog"

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree"

"Nights in White Satin"

"Autumn Leaves"

"Doggie in the Window"

Details about the quilts and the chosen titles:






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