Show and Tell at our June 2017 Picnic

We met at Rotary Park for our annual picnic.  While socializing and eating we were careful not to say the "f" word... that is fabric.  If you said it, you had to give up one of your 3 safety pins.  Imagine quilters getting together and not being able to use the word fabric!  Deleska won the game with 7 safety pins.  Debbie came in second with 6...

As always show and tell was fun and inspirational!

Bonnie is getting back to her sewing... cute little aprons for her best press bottle...

Shauna made a lovely denim quilt for her son.  The back was scrappy flannels.

Laura shows several of her quilts...

This quilt was hand pieced, hand quilted and even completely bound by hand!  Laura and Shauna worked many hours doing the hand quilting.

Laura's .... Love the colors and the patterns!

Another one of Laura's.
This quilt was donated to the quilt shop to be given to charity.  It is not finished.  Part of the white areas have small stippling done on a domestic machine, and the colored areas are not yet quilted.  It is a beautiful quilt that needs to be finished.  We discussed passing it around and having several folks do a bit of the quilting.  Once finished, perhaps it will be auctioned off or raffled off.

Murine finished this beauty while she was away this winter!  She used her new long arm machine with some of it being computerized.

Deb pieced this green chili... Sorry for the poor picture quality... Peggy trying to learn how to use her new camera... Needed a flash... but couldn't figure out how to turn it on.

Audrey made this bag from a table runner she found at the thrift store.

A much loved quilt made by Helen Beeson... From the Care Bear era...

A little alphabet quilt that Audrey is hand quilting with cotton crochet thread which she says is wonderful to work with.  She will never quilt with embroidery floss again!

Judy made this wonderful t-shirt quilt for a grand daughter headed to college.  It has red minky on the back of it.  Lucky girl!


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