April Show and Tell

At our Delicate Stitcher's Monthly meeting we had an extensive show and tell.  Almost every person who attended had something to show.  We were supposed to bring our first quilts.  Some of us no longer had our first quilts... But I must say, the first quilts that did show up were pretty impressive.  A common comment was, "I didn't know bettter when I decided to make this quilt."  

An old quilt by Grandma that Shauna finished

Shauna's Hexi quilt.... I think she started this when she was 15... all hand sewn!

Paula's first.... Very nice!

Mary said she started with a set of placemats... Nice.

Mary's first quilt - Storm at Sea... Made with plastic templates for her Marine biology daughter.

Bonnie's 1st... Water Color Irish chain sort of... 

Deleska hid this off and on being overwhelmed with her mistakes.... but she persisted eventually, fixing her mistakes and finishing it... Wow...

Deborah's 1st... Applique!

Marian's 1st ... Hand quilted with lots of echo quilting

Tommye's... She said it is missing it's points... But who cares?

Jolly's 1st Modern Quilt... It won Judge's choice in a contest and went to Houston!

Janet's first... Log Cabin made for her son... In need of repair

Claudia's first a bargello!  She said an artist friend thought she needed a course in color theory...

Deb Shank's Storm at Sea... Actually a snow storm... Each center block had snowflakes.

No 1st quilt yet... Just a lovely vest!

We also brought our Museum Quilts tonight... The theme is "Portals."  As usual, we are going to have a great show, showcasing the tremendous talent and creativity our guild possesses!

Kathy's Starry Night Portal

Shauna's Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Portal

Shauna's Painted Door - Portal

Pasteurized Milk... by Patty  :)

A look into a cat's point of view - by Lou


Laura Senters - Black Hole portal

The Eyes - A Portal to the soul ... by Marian

Black Hole by Jolly

Portals of the Past by Janet

Deb's Chaco Canyon doorways...

And a whole lot more... 

That's All Folks!

Keep on Sewing!


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