50 Years of Canyonlands Challenge Quilts

Sego Lily by Lou Gostlin
Ravin' Ravens by Nancy Krieger

Many Moods of Canyonlands by Audrey Graham

Sunrise at Mesa Arch by Laura Senter

Wild Horses by Laura Senter

Reflections by Carol Unruh

Canyonlands by Joanie Henning

False Kiva by Joey Wilson

Ghosts From the Past by Bonnie Crysdale

A Good Man in a Tough Job by Audrey Graham

Ranger Paradise by Audrey Graham

Bates Wilson by Marian Eason

50 Years at Green River Overlook by Murine Gray

Cuckoo Neighbor by Murine Gray

Owl on the Prowl by Cyndy Peters

Canyonlands Air Show by Lee Shenton

Dream Catcher by Shauna Dickerson
Collared Lizard by Patty Walker

Many Faces of Canyonlands by Patty Jo Larson

The Magic Hour by Marian Eason

Vistas by Patti Jarrell

Flowers to Towers by Peg Harty


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