Please forgive me if you got two emails about show and tell and they were the same pictures.  I accidentally deleted the post.  I almost had a heart attack!  So did Cyndy who is our new picture editor!  Fortunately I found a way to recover it before Cyndy had to reinvent it.  She was only 2/3 done when I called to say.... "Never mind."  Thank you Cyndy for taking on Show and Tell on our blog.  It will be posted each month on a regular post and it will be put on our show and tell page.

There is a new page titled NEWSLETTERS.  You can access a link for each of our newsletters going back to November 2012.

Please check out our Quilt show page.  There are pictures of the classes being offered and there is a link to the registration form to register for classes.

Creative Tucks Wall Hanging
All of the class samples can be viewed at It's Sew Moab.


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