Our Feathered Friends

Museum of Moab Quilt Challenge 2012

Anniversary Quilt by Peggy Harty

Birds in My Garden by Laura Senter

Birds in the Woods Chatelaine by Marian Eason

Cape May, New Jersey Light House by Shauna Dickerson

Chickadee Chatelaine by Mary Hofhine

Coming Home by Sandra Davey

Fancy Feathers by Lou Gostlin

Gathering Her Chicks by Crystal Day

Gracie's Feathered Friends by Darleen Nelson

Great Blue Heron on the Colorado River by Peggy Harty

Home Tweet Home by Lou Gostlin

Hummer Haven by Lou Gostlin

Our Feathered Friends by Bonnie Crysdale

The Cuckoo Neighbor by Murine Gray

The Hunter by Patty Walker

The Jester - Trickster's Alter Ego by Marian Eason

The Old Geezer by Bonnie Crysdale


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