Highlights From HMQS!
Judy and Peggy enjoyed their own little quilting bee in bed, finishing the binding on the Trip Around the World Charity Quilt.  Judy broke out her new needle threader and eventually figured out how to work it!  In the other bed, Lou was getting her beauty rest oblivious to our giggles!  Peggy had previously shown her newest hot product.  She won a bottle of Blue Line remover and was anxious to remove the blue lines from her practice piece.  She kept spraying and spraying until she finally realized the quilting was done with blue thread!  Too funny!
Some of us attended a trunk show by Jill Finley.  Her family had done a Medallion Quilt Round Robin.  The quilts were amazing.   Sandy Davey photographed them and would love to interest some of us in doing our own medallion round robin.  We will share more about that at our meeting.
Our 43 Quilts were admired by many.  I caught lots of people looking, and taking pictures.  Congratulations to Marian Eason who got a “Teacher’s Choice” ribbon on her self portrait “Bird Brain.”
Lou and Murine took so many classes that they had a hard time getting to the vendor mall to spend money!  Lou says she won’t do that again!
More of the Medallion Quilts shared by Jill Finley


  1. Yay for a BLOG! This post is great info and glad I can catch up with you all in pictures!

  2. I agree with Pat, Yay!!! Great job, I've been meaning to tell you guys to do this for ages.


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